Miquel Pardo is a music composer, and teacher, He teaches Film Scoring, Orchestration and piano. He was born in 5th of December of 1969 in the born neiborhood of Barcelona. Since he was a kid, showed his interest for sounds, and he began to play little musical phrases with a toy piano his grandfather gave him when he only was about 3 years old. That’s when Miquel begins in touch with the music. His grandfather and father, both begin to give him a musical education playing a lot of classical music with a cassette deck that he had to hear, and give an interpretation about what sensations or feelings he felt listening to the music. In 1977 when he was 8 years old, his Godmother suggested to Miquel’s mother, the possibility of study piano with her daughter (Maria Josep) She would be very happy to teach Miquel in his firsts steps in the Piano´s world. Miquel´s mother thought that was an excellent idea, and Miquel began his piano studies with his firsts piano books, but unfortunately, his parents didn´t have a very nice economic situation to buy him a piano, so he had to quit his studies after been almost 1 year taking piano lessons, but he wouldn´t stop listening music, and been enchanted more and more by the film music world.

In 1982, when he was 12 years old, is when Miquel, thanks to his school (Pipo) finds the “Maria Anglada music studio” Miquel was interpreting some melody that he still remembered and the headmistress thought that Miquel had very good aptitude for the music. Then Maria talks with his parents to propose them that Michael should continue with his piano lessons, but Miquel didn´t have piano at his home so the director offered him to go to the school to study when there would be some empty rooms available.

He began his studies with his second teacher, Benjamin, which will teach him piano, technics, and would give him the first’s steps for the music writing, even thought Miquel didn´t want to play Beethoven or Bach, but he always used to play his own songs.

About 2 years later, his parents had enough money to buy him a piano, one Paul Izabal of second hand. In 1984 approx. When Michael was 14 years old, come across with his first computer, the commodore 64, which he starts composing his very firsts melody synthetized. Then he keeps composing with the Amiga 500. When he was 20 years old, he finds a pop rock band called Jake Mate, where he would be as a member playing the keyboard, and composing musicals themes that they will play in stage.

Miquel continues his music studies with several teachers until he decided to study jazz and modern music in the Taller de Musics of Barcelona, with the Pianist and composer Michael Grossman. They became very good friends and soon Michael would teach him film scoring, and piano lessons for more than 5 years. At his 23 years old, Miquel finds his first job as a pianist in a very famous restaurant in Barcelona called Els 4 gats, Then is when Miquel begins his trajectory as a pianist for restaurants playing in several restauirants in Barcelona.

He also begins to perform in several shows like Montand de Montemps or in a comic play called 7 chances. In 1998 Miquel decided to immigrate to United States where he would be working as a music teacher, and as a piano performer in several places like Hotels, restaurants and private parties. When he comes back discovers the new technologies of computer science applied to music. After 2 years of been studding orchestration and piano, his brother Joan, who in these times he was working in an audiovisual company, told to their bosses to listen his brother music for one project that they were working on. The company felt happy with the results, and they call Miquel to work for this project. Is then when Miquel began his career as a film composer professionally.

Soon, Miquel began to compose music for audiovisual, advertising, institutional, corporate videos, cartoons, animations, presentations for films, documentaries, educational programs… Miquel has composed the music for film company’s logos as “Wide pictures” “Emon” “Divisa” or the publicity for the pastillas Juanola or documentals like “Atapuerca” or “Nuestra vision” among others. He has worked on multiple shorts and commercials, the most relevant being those of Mecalux and “La Beauté”, an order from Oysho that directed the cinematographic Kike Maíllo (“Eva” “Toro”).

He currently combines his work as a music teacher with composition. Proof of this is the score of “Lhajjates” or the several jingles he has written for several American radio stations.

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